Northern Phoenix works with other businesses and agencies from around the world. Each one providing a specialized service to our expanding portfolio.





Located in Victoria, BC, Canada; Generations Family Care Finder provides a map system that will allow individuals, families and businesses find family and health care for themselves, loved ones or employees from around the globe.  As a fully licensed employment agency in the province of British Columbia, Generations can help you find the right live-in caregiver by: vetting applicants, process the papers required, and assist in the arrival of a foreign live-in caregiver.



Vangenne and Company is in the heart of Victoria BC Canada. Employing lawyers with global experience while providing practical advice. They cover a wide range of specialties: from Commercial and Corporate Law, to Immigration Law, to Real Estate Law, the list goes on.





Nestled in Antiopolo City, Rizal, Philippines; GREK Signs provide a wide variety of signs for businesses, schools and events.  They can design and create signs out of almost any material:  stainless steel, vinyl, corrugated plastic, etc.  Fully certified in the use and training of SkyCity Realty and provide data entry for realtors and private sellers.