Northern Phoenix offers you a variety of consulting, contracting, and data entry services.

Real Estate

As a certified business in the use of SkyCity and SkyCity Realty, we are able to help you and your business create real estate listings and provide training & support to fully utilize SkyCity Realty.

Data Entry and Information Management

We provide services to assist you in collecting and inputting data from various sources.  Once all the data has been inputted and properly partitioned, you are able to pull information in a variety of different ways.

Digital Investigative Services

Sometimes you have too many pictures to be able to put together a timeline.  Or you have old pictures but you cannot remember where they were taken.  A couple of our services helps to put the images back in order, or find out where they were taken.

Intellectual Property, Content, and Copyright Law

In this competitive world, you have to ensure what you are designing is fresh.  You do not want to be found using someone’s intellectual property.  We can help you ensure what you design is yours and yours alone.


It is one thing to build a business, it is another to have your own brand.  You want to have a brand that people will remember, and clients to return too.

Web & Graphic Design

Having a good web site can be just as important as having a good storefront.  In the digital age, future clients and customers are more likely to see the web site before setting foot in the store.